Solid Gold Pendants Earrings - Earth Ruby Hoops

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Solid gold hoop earrings with ruby-set pendants, ethnic boho chic 14k hoops with a latch lock, available in 2 sizes.

These stunning hoop earrings are made from 14K yellow gold and have a lever back lock for safe wearing. They each have a unique antique-style pendant, set with a ruby.
There are two sizes for the hoops: 0.7" (18mm) and 0.9" (23mm).

This earring set is versatile!
You can wear this set in two ways: With or without the pendants.

* You can choose between two sizes for the hoops: 0.7" (18mm) and 0.9" (23mm).
You can also get the pendants alone.
Select the option you want in the style drop-down menu.

These earrings are very light and great for everyday wear, but with enough presence and character to be noticeable also on special occasions and parties.

* Two 14K yellow gold hoop earrings with/without pendants.

* Hoops size: 0.7" (18mm) / 0.9" (23mm).
* Pedants size: 0.39"x0.55" (14x10mm).
They can be worn on any hoop with up to 0.078" (2 mm) width
* Gemstone size: 0.11"x0.11" (3x3 mm).