Set of 3 Rings with Ruby

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Solid gold 3 ring set. 
3 stacked matching ring 14k solid yellow gold rings, one of them with a Ruby, alternative boho engagement or wedding rings.

This set consists of three rings:
one is 14K and a square Ruby ring, with two little gold dots at opposite corners.
one is a triangle ring adorned with tiny gold dots on 2 of its rims and one is an ornamented ethnic triangle ring.

The rings fit together perfectly and complement each other. You can wear each one as a single item or two of them stacked together, but stacking all 3 creates a magnificent new statement ring that will always be the center of attention.

* 3 matching 14K gold ring, with one natural Ruby
* Ruby size 0.11" x 0.11" inch (3x3 mm)
* Each ring's width: 0.047" inch (1.2 mm) min
* Triangle size: About 0.23"x0.27" inch (10x6 mm)
* Toal height: About 0.59" inch (15 mm)
* Width: About 0.39" inch (10 mm)