Silver Nose Ring

Silver Nose Ring

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Small and delicate hoop for nose ring or ear piercing in sterling silver, Indian, a boho nose ring, helix cartilage jewelry.
This hoop nose ring is made of sterling silver and has delicate tiny dots almost all around it.

It is light and comfortable and will be perfect for everyday use.

This design is perfect for a variety of piercing locations:
Septum / Tragus / Helix / Cartilage / Daith / Rook

* Internal diameter, side to side: 0.29" inches (7.5mm) / 0.23" inches (6mm).
* Wire: 20 gauge (0.8 mm)
* Twisted wire: 0.039" inch (1mm)

Find your size:
To make sure the ring will fit you, please measure the distance from the piercing hole to the edge of your nostril/ear.
This will be the smallest inner diameter that you can wear, and it will fit snugly.
If you prefer a looser fit, you should add 1-2mm to that measurement.

Opening and closing:
To open the nose ring, please gently twist the ends away from each other.
To close it, twist them back together again.
Do not force the ring open by pulling the ends away from each other - you might damage the design.

Sterling silver.

* This item is also available in 14K yellow, white, or rose gold - see link below.
* This item is available in a 0.29" inches (7.5mm) or 0.23" inches (6mm) Internal diameter.
Please choose the material and size you want from the drop-down menu.

Preparation Time:
Everything in my shop is handmade by me with lots of love and care. Please allow 1-2 weeks for me to make your jewelry. It usually takes even less.

Additional info:
* All handmade white gold jewelry in my shop is in its NATURAL COLOR by default, and NOT RHODIUM PLATED.
If you wish your jewelry to be more "white" and have it coated, please contact me (an additional cost of US$15).
* The ring will be shipped in a protective gift box.