Ann Long Threader Earrings

Ann Long Threader Earrings

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Long solid gold threader chain earrings with teardrop pendant, dainty chick 14k shoulder-duster earrings.

These stunning very long earrings are made from 14K yellow gold. Each earring features a long delicate chain with a gold teardrop at the end.

These feminine earrings dangle gently and will add elegance and beauty to your look.
These earrings are very light and great for everyday wear, as well as for special occasions and parties.

You can wear the earrings in any length you wish and across 2 and more ear holes.

❤️ Please notice:
You can order one earring or two: Please Select the option you want in the style drop-down menu.

Get these delicate earrings and add chic to whatever look you choose :)
* Length: 5.5" (14 cm).