Asymmetric Catherine Pearl Earrings

Asymmetric Catherine Pearl Earrings

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Dainty asymmetric drop solid gold earrings with teardrop pearls, modern minimalist chick 14k stud earrings.

These stunning stud earrings are made from 14K yellow gold. Each earring features a vertical gold bar and a teardrop pearl at the end, but they are not the same length.
The similar design combined with the asymmetrical lengths will add a thrilling twist to your look.

These feminine earrings will add elegance and beauty to your look.
The pearl and gold combination is timeless and provides a classic, glamorous touch.

These earrings are delicate but can't be ignored.

* The pearls I use are natural so there may be slight changes in their shape.

Get these chic earrings and get ready to shine :) 

* Two 14K yellow gold stud pearl earrings.

* Short earring: 2 cm (0.78" inches) long.
* Long earring: 3 cm (1.18" inches) long.